Community Submissions

Community Submissions

Content we will consider publishing


Balboa Island Community, Announcements-Articles-Awards-Events-Press Releases

 We reserve the right to reject anything we do not feel will benefit the community.

 Please start by telling us which category you feel your submission falls into

We will need high quality photos that give vision to your story

Submissions need to be 350-1,000 words

Your submission needs to be proof read, and be beneficial to the community. We will NOT be proof reading, or editing your submissions. Although we reserve the right to edit, if we feel it is needed

Your submission needs to provide details like who, what, where and contact information if necessary.

Send the written part of your submission in a word document, DO NOT insert photos into word

Send everything in one email, word doc, pictures, category, name of website you wish to post on and anything we should know to

In the event you’re submitting multiple stories, submit one per email

Please allow us time to publishing your submissions, if they’re time sensitive allow 10 days